*ENDED* Workforce Housing Action Team Workshop on Oct. 5

This event has ended. Teams created in each county (Union, Baker, Wallowa, and Morrow counties) are having ongoing meetings to explore and act on solutions to improve workforce housing issues in their respective communities. Please contact Chantal Ivenso, chantalivenso@neoedd.org, for information about this event and how you can join or support one of the action teams.

Lack of workforce (moderate-/middle-income) housing is a significant barrier to retaining and attracting workers. Employers, workers, developers, economic development partners, and city and county leaders are invited to join this event and take action to develop workforce housing.

At this online event, groups from each county (Baker, Union, Wallowa counties) will work with trained facilitators to determine priority workforce housing development projects, assign responsibilities for actions to betaken in the next thirty days, and clarify commitments for ongoing implementation.

Questions? Contact: Chantal Ivenso, NEOEDD Economic Development Specialist, chantalivenso@neoedd.org

Event Hosts: Rural Engagement and Vitality Center (REV), Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD), Eastern Oregon Workforce Board, Wallowa County Economic Development Committee, University of Oregon – Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) & IPRE programs, and Oregon Department of Human Services.