Please use the eSaver portal to monitor your savings and match. Work with NEOEDD staff to ensure you have fulfilled your requirements and have all the forms filled out. Plan ahead! This is a great but slow program. Because we are administering a program managed by another organization (VIDA, a partner of CASA of Oregon), we aren’t able to respond very quickly to emergencies.

Important Documents for All Savers

What are the tax implications of an IDA? Read more about tax information from this flyer (downloadable PDF). CASA of Oregon offers a free tax-filing service for people with a household income of $66,000 or less, on their website:

For Small-Business Savers

Business savers should consider a Capitalization account, which allows you to make one deposit into a business account, rather than individual withdrawals. You still need to show that you’ve spent the money on the items you listed in your Sources & Uses sheet, but you don’t have to provide as much documentation. Contact NEOEDD for details.

For Education Savers

For Vehicle Savers