NEOEDD offers one workshop—Business Foundations—on a regular basis, and others on an as-available basis.


Business Foundations is a six-week course that walks through the basics, giving participants the tools to finish a business plan and ensure their business idea is viable. Workshop topics:


  • Gaining Perspective: Consider your business concept.
  • Laying the Foundation: Define line of business and analyze financial essentials, from overhead costs to break-even point.
  • Getting into the Flow: Cover the financial essentials of
    cash flow, sales forecasting, and financial documents.
  • Mission & Markets: Revisit mission, discuss market research, and identify competitors in order to align with target markets.
  • Get the Word Out: Discuss creative marketing strategies
    and give peer feedback on marketing materials.
  • Goodbye & Good Luck: Present your business plan, share
    final pitch, and plan for next steps.

Forthcoming workshops could include topics such as Hiring an Employee, Merchandizing Your Storefront, or multi-day business incubator retreats.

The best way to know when workshops are available is to subscribe to the NEOEDD newsletter.