NEOEDD’s COVID-19-related Financial Assistance

NEOEDD is currently managing one grant and one Covid-response loan fund.

Small Business and Microenterprise Grant Program 

The grant program seeks to aid small businesses to:

Eligible businesses:

The initial application asks for:

After review of the initial application, businesses who appear to meet eligibility requirements will be asked to submit additional documents. NEOEDD staff members are prepared to help businesses meet the qualification requirements. Examples of information you may be asked to provide include:

Grant Amounts

Microenterprises/Self-employed individuals who meet Low-moderate income limits may qualify for grants between $2,500 and $10,000.

Low-Moderate income limits vary per county. Following are the income limits for our region.

  Baker County      Union County        Wallowa County  
Household of 1    $36,050 $36,050  $36,900
Household of 2  $41,200  $41,200 $42,150
Household of 3  $46,350  $46,350 $47,400
Household of 4  $51,500 $51,500 $52,650 
Household of 5  $55,650 $55,650    $56,900  
Household of 6  $59,750 $59,750    $61,000
Household of 7  $63,900 $63,900     $65,300
Household of 8  $68,000  $68,000   $69,500


Employers of low-moderate income individuals may qualify for grants of $2,500 per qualifying employee, based on the annual wage paid to each qualifying employee. Following are the Low moderate annual wage limits for a qualifying employee in our region.

Baker County                  Union County                    Wallowa County

$36,050                                $36,050                                $36,900

This grant is not available to staff, board or family members of the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District, Baker County, Wallowa County or the City of La Grande. If you think you have a conflict of interest with any of the above, please notify or 541-426-3598 x2.

Access the application for this grant here.

A webinar explaining the application process follows.


NEOEDD/NOBD Revolving Loan Funds  

NEOEDD and its partner organization, Northeast Oregon Business Development, always have available “gap” loans for people who have found bank funding but it is insufficient for a project or purchase (click here for information). From now until June 2022, NEOEDD also offers loan of up to $250,000 ​to finance businesses that will help the economy recover from the pandemic. These loans can be used by businesses that have identified opportunities to grow, find new markets, or become more stable following pandemic impacts.

These loans have special, favorable terms: 

To apply for one of these loans, download the application form as a PDF here and Word doc here. If you have questions, contact loan officer Mike Ogan at or 541-519-7699.