Neurodiversity in the Workplace  – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshop, December 7, 2021


To help employers build more inclusive workplaces, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District and the Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness are hosting an online workshop on Neurodiversity in the Workplace with trainer Liana Avendaño of Construct the Present.

Diversity exists naturally in every part of life. That includes the human brain and its abilities. There is no moral value to the way a brain works, yet those with a more average pattern of thoughts or behavior benefit from the way our society and structure are set up. This impacts workplaces and the ability to hire and retain successful employees.

“By understanding diverse abilities, not only are we setting neuro-divergent people up for success, we are creating a world with more inclusive ideas that ultimately benefit everyone,” says Avendaño. The workshop is structured to be engaging for adult learners with a variety of learning styles and includes small group, individual, and larger group activities.

Participants will:

  • Learn common language and definitions
  • Unpack ways current systems benefit neurotypical brains
  • Learn strategies for creating more inclusive work environments for those with diverse brain chemistry and ability
  • Set commitments for making changes in our workplaces and personal lives

The online workshop takes place from 9 am to noon, Tuesday, December 7th. Cost is $15 per person. Register Now!  “We believe this workshop will empower participants to gain skills and understanding to support people with diverse abilities and allow them to flourish in work and life,” says Amy Busch of Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness. Trainer Liana Avendaño, (they/them) have spent the last 4 years making Portland, Oregon home. Growing up as a millennial, Avendaño has worked in many different industries and learned the nuances of diversity, equity, and inclusion in various roles from front-of-house service to corporate consulting. Avendaño has committed to the goal of advocating for workers who experience the world like them, or with difficulties created by the systems we exist within.

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