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Public Grants

Community Development Block Grants

Community Development Block Grants are available to low- and moderate-income communities for certain types of community facilities and infrastructure. NEOEDD can help you apply for the grant and can also administer the grant for you once the project is underway. A portion of the grant funds can be used to pay for NEOEDD’s help with grant administration and compliance.

Economic Development Administration Grants

Grants from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) are very competitive. EDA funds infrastructure and planning projects (master plans, engineering studies, etc.) in economically distressed areas where job creation and private investment is expected as an outcome of the federal investment. NEOEDD can help identify and develop projects for EDA funding. We can help make sure the project is ready to apply and assist you with putting together the grant application. Once a project receives EDA funds, NEOEDD will act as liaison between you and EDA to help resolve any questions or issues that may arise. If you think you might have a project that could qualify for EDA funding, give us a call.