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NEOC3 Programming

NEOEDD has led NEOC3's outreach efforts, arranging the majority of its programming via county-based LIION groups, which stands for Local Impact Investing Opportunity Network. These groups originally formed to create a venue for investors and entrepreneurs to meet and form the “substantial” relationships required to legally create loan agreements. In addition, the LIIONs have helped with education and outreach about Oregon’s new Community Public Offering law, in the forms workshops and edicational events.

With the help of Hatch’s Amy Pearl, NEOEDD has offered a number of workshops to help potential investors understand local investing, including “An Introduction to Local Investing,” “How to be a Smart Local Investor,” and “What Local Investors Want.” The workshops have provided basic information on terms, legal issues, portfolio theory, personal investing frameworks and what to consider if you are looking for investors. NEOEDD intends to continue offering these workshops, focusing on general local investing.

NEOEDD and Hatch are planning a series of workshops for people who are interested in pursuing a CPO for their businesses. Hatch Innovation will help prepare businesses through training in topics such as:
• Preparing for “Crowdraising”
• Your Finances and the Offering
• Material Factors: Risks and Benefits
• Getting Ready for Selling Securities
• Your Business
• The Deal, Terms, Trust
• Your Social Media Plan: Advertising Dos and Don'ts
• Meet Your Audience
• Pitching, Polishing, the Press, Pinch-hitting, and Promises
• Scenario Planning
In addition to free training and technical assistance, participating businesses will be featured at investor events at which they can pitch their offerings to Oregon investors.

Educational Events
The LIIONs, via NEOC3 and Hatch, have brought a number of nationally recognized experts on community capital to Northeast Oregon. These include:
• Michael Shuman
• Amy Cortese
• Carol Peppe-Hewitt
• Marco Vangelisti

LIION events have included panels of local business owners to discuss their start-up experiences:
• Peter Ferre, Lostine Tavern
• Valerie Tachenko, Baker Food Co-op
• Ed Millar, Terminal Gravity
• David Schmidt, Integrated Biomass

LIIONS also host Business Spotlights, which feature one or more representatives of local businesses who discuss various aspects of their business, usually related to the acquisition of capital to launch or improve their business. Past Spotlights include:
• Kim Metlen, Joseph Branch Rail Riders
• Mary Stevenson, Earth and Vine
• Meredith McCord and Jill Schumacher, Elements of Health

In addition, Hatch brought two CPO entrepreneurs to discuss their offerings: Brian Haug from Of Hops & Men, a craft beverage taproom and barbershop; and Eric Wilson from GroVolution, which is developing a contained food-growing system.

In December 2014, NEOEDD helped Rural Development Initiatives host an Economic Vitality Summit in La Grande. Local economic thinkers gathered to discuss strategies for bolstering the local economy. Hatch hosted ComCap:Oregon in Portland in May 2015 in order to raise awareness of the new CPO law and encourage people to participate as both investors and entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in participating in a CPO as an investor or entrepreneur, or would like more information about community capital, please contact the NEOEDD office.