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Community Public Offering

In 2015, Oregon Secretary of State's office allowed a community capital option called the “Intrastate Offering (aka ‘Crowdfunding’) Exemption” by the State of Oregon and “Community Public Offering” (CPO) by NEOEDD. Unlike the donation-based crowdfunding described here, CPOs have the potential to generate profit for the investor, in the form of interest on a loan or revenue (dividends, profit sharing, or stock appreciation) on equity shares.


Oregonians may invest in Oregon-based businesses through the CPO. These rules:

  •     Enable securities crowdfunding (not donation-based crowdfunding).
  •     Allow all types of securities and terms, from debt to equity.
  •     Allow limited public advertising.
  •     Exempt offering materials from being be registered, vetted, or reviewed.
  •     Require offering documents to include information from your business plan, reason for raise, team, risks/benefits, terms, etc.

Companies using this law:

  •     Must be incorporated in Oregon and based within Oregon.
  •     May raise up to $500,000.
  •     Define the terms of the offering.
  •     Must meet in person with a local Business Technical Service Provider to review business plan.
  •     Are allowed 12 months to raise the funds; can extend another 12.


  •     Must be Oregon residents.
  •     May invest up to $2,500 per deal, per person. Investors who have annual incomes exceeding $100,000 may invest up to $10,000 in any one CPO deal.

Click here to access a decision tree developed by the Washington Dept. of Financial Institutions to determine if this type of capital-raising is a good fit for your business. Keep in mind that Oregon's rules are slightly different, so this is simply a guide. Once Oregon has developed a decision-tree tool, we will replace the Washington version.

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