Develop Your Non-Profit

Individuals who volunteer their time to serve on a non-profit board have a passion for the non-profit’s mission and want to help meet important needs in their communities. They don’t always have experience and skills in managing an organization, facilitating decision-making, and adopting policies that need to be in place to protect the organization. They may need training in how to fund-raise, communicate with donors, and write grant requests or reports. If a non-profit has paid staff, the need for policies will increase. The staff may have expertise in some of the important management and funding areas, but most staff members lack expertise in at least one area of non-profit operations.

NEOEDD provides a wide variety of consulting services for non-profit organizations. We have experience helping non profits with:

NEOEDD's past clients include: Fishtrap, Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretive Center, Friends of the Wallowa County Museum, Eastern Oregon University, Crow's Shadow Institute of the Arts, Wallowa County Health Care Foundation.

Call us at 541-426-3598 to discuss your needs. We'll provide a referral to other technical assistance providers if we don't have the expertise to provide the help you need.


Planning for the Future

NEOEDD provides assistance to communities, non-profits and governments that are interested in planning for the future of their community or organization.

What Is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning involves analyzing the current situation, identifying goals and the action steps needed to accomplish the goals, and allocating financial and human resources to carry out the actions. It also involves setting up communication and leadership roles to provide accountability for implementing actions and for communicating successes and challenges to everyone involved.

Who should be involved?

Those with an interest in the outcome and those that have the responsibility to allocate resources and do the work of implementing the plan. This could include board members, organizational staff, clients, policy makers, and community residents. There are various ways to include stakeholder and public input into the strategic planning process.

Program Administration/Staffing

NEOEDD offers staffing services for regional and local organizations. These contract services are typically sought by groups and committees that are charged with administering programs and managing financial resources, but that do not wish to hire employees. NEOEDD can also provide interim services while a group is between staff members.
NEOEDD currently serves as staff and fiscal administrator for Northeast Oregon Business Development, a non-profit organization that offers business loans in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties. In the past, NEOEDD has provided staffing services to regional strategies boards and the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority.

Tools for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations provide many necessary community services in our region. They are also an important sector of the region's economy, providing jobs and puchasing goods and services in their communities. NEOEDD provides training and technical assistance for non-profit boards, staff and volunteers working to sustain and improve their organizations and the services they offer. Below are links to several budgeting and planning tools for organizations that rely on grants to fund at least a portion of their operations and programs:

Project charter: Summarize key information about your project and get permission to proceed

Checklist of common attachments needed for grant proposals

Matrix map to analyze fundability and impact of core programs and services, Part One - Article from Blue Avocado on How to Create a Matrix Map

Matrix map to analyze fundability and impact of core programs and services, Part Two - Aricle from Blue Avocado on How to Use a Matrix Map

Sample operating budget without in-kind contributions

Sample operating budget with in-kind contributions

Sample budget by program

Sample operating budget divided by program

Sample operating budget divided by funding source

Sample multi-year staffing allocations by FTE and salary costs

Sample multi-year organizational budget