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NEOEDD’s mission is to provide resources and facilitate quality decision making for the benefit of entrepreneurs, businesses and communities in Northeast Oregon.

The Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD) is a public organization established in 1985. Baker, Union and Wallowa counties formed the District by Intergovernmental Agreement as a way to enhance community and economic development services in the region.

Our staff members are dedicated to the communities they serve in northeast Oregon and have strong business networking, facilitation, financial, organizational and project development skills.

If you are starting or growing a business, ask us about our business finance and business training programs.

If you are working on a public infrastructure or a community project ask us about services for local governments and community groups.

If you are part of a non-profit organization ask how we can help your board and workers strategize, fund and operate in ways that best meet your mission.

NEOEDD Provides GrantReady Training in La Grande

NEOEDD offers GrantReady on Saturdays from Oct. 21 to Nov. 11 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in La Grande. GrantReady organizational development and grant-writing training provides tools and skills needed to help nonprofits become more competitive for grant funding, and better prepared to operate and evaluate their programs and projects.

GrantReady consists of four training sessions for volunteers and staff members of nonprofit organizations. Topics include:
• Organizational and project budgeting
• Components of a grant proposal
• Funding plan
• Evaluation methods
• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
• Board relations
• Foundation site visits
• Grant reporting
Lunch will be provided. The first session will be at the La Grande Public Library (2006 4th St.) and subsequent sessions at OSU Extension (10507 N McAlister Rd.). The cost for the series is $100 for the first participant from each nonprofit, with a discounted rate of $50 for each additional participant. The program will be offered in Wallowa and Baker counties next year. Register at

“Participants will also meet staff from several foundations, who will provide insights into their foundations and what they are looking for in a grant proposal,” says NEOEDD Executive Director Lisa Dawson. “This is a great opportunity for them to begin to make personal contacts in the nonprofit world.”

What past participants have said about GrantReady:
• “Learning about the different types of grants, (i.e., “Capacity Building,” etc.) was invaluable. Learning the correct budget submission for a grant proposal. Learning about “In-Kind” costs to add to the budget package.  Really, there is so much I learned from your class that I can’t praise it enough. I could not learn this same information any other way.”
• “The resource packets are phenomenally helpful.”
• “I benefitted from listening to other nonprofits in the class as they discussed their issues. Priceless.”
• “The feedback on my grant proposal was invaluable. What a terrific opportunity to learn exactly what a grantor is looking for gives me confidence that I can propose a successful grant package.”
• “All of the slides and handouts are going in my permanent files. Their content is excellent in directing my energy in the right direction. And I really appreciate the resources, such as the list of grant awarding businesses.”

This program is available thanks to a grant from Meyer Memorial Trust.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Roundtables Begin in October

Rural Oregon's nonprofit organizations are exploring how diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) can build understanding, strengthen mission impact, and ensure public benefit. To this end, NEOEDD is organizing a series of roundtable discussions for regional nonprofit board and staff to learn, share, and discuss DEI methods and strategies. Roundtables will be held Oct. 25 and Dec. 6, 2017; Feb. 7, May 2, Aug. 1, and Nov. 7, 2018; and Feb. 6, 2019.
The first two sessions will be held in La Grande from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., including lunch, and will be led by Andrea Cano, a seasoned facilitator and intercultural specialist who has worked with Oregon Humanities, Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Solutions, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Providence Center for Health Care Ethics, and the Immigration and Refugee Center for Oregon. She recently completed a six-year, governor-appointed post on the State of Oregon's Commission on Hispanic Affairs, and co-chaired the governance process for the New Portlander Policy Commission. Her sessions will cover:
• Historical, geographic, demographic contexts of the region
• Definitions and expressions of DEI
• Why DEI matters in our rural region
• Review of historical and current initiatives in the region
• What is the vision for DEI?
• How does DEI factor in organizational governance, programming, development, leadership, staffing, and client engagement
• Elements to consider for transformative work, moving from resistance to response
• Next steps for subsequent roundtables
Participants will help select the specific training subjects covered at subsequent sessions, content may include subjects such as:
• DEI and organizational assessment, hiring practices, and board recruitment
• How to create marketing and communications that are effective and inclusive without offending or tokenizing
• Developing an equity lens
• What white privilege is and why it matters
• Common miscommunication problems among those from different backgrounds: how to understand where the conflict is coming from and how to resolve it
• How to talk to a board and staff about DEI
• How to develop inclusion policies that will make a difference
• How to interrupt racial microaggressions constructively, to avoid blame, shame, and guilt
• How to recognize and avoid exclusionary or biased institutional practices
• How foundations analyze an organization’s journey toward equity and inclusion
Participants will be asked for input about the location of future roundtables, which could take place in Baker, Wallowa or Union counties. The cost to attend will be $25 per person per roundtable discussion; those who register in advance for the entire series of 7 roundtable discussions pay $125. Register here. Scholarships are available for the series; please inquire at NEOEDD, 541-426-3598.

This program is available thanks to a grant from Meyer Memorial Trust.

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